Optiek Brigitte Roebben Odoo versie 11.0c-20220115-070048-UTC-20240131-130620-UTC

Informatie over de Optiek Brigitte Roebben instantie van Odoo, de Open Source ERP.

Geïnstalleerd applicaties

Leads, Opportunities, Activities
Web One2many Kanban
Display one2many widget as kanban
Inventory Management
Inventory, Logistics, Warehousing
Sales Management
Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing
Discussions, Mailing Lists, News
Invoicing Management
Send Invoices and Track Payments
Website Builder
Build Your Enterprise Website
Sell Your Products Online
Purchase Management
Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills
Employee Directory
Jobs, Departments, Employees Details
Contacts Directory
Customers, Vendors, Partners,...
Opticien Commercial Banners
Commercial Banners - Opticien
Opticien Eid Reader Plus
Opticien Eid Reader Plus
Opticien Favorites Menu
Favorites Menu - Opticien
Opticien Import
Import Opticien Data
Opticien Partner
Extra fields for partner - Opticien
Opticien Product
Extra fields for product - Opticien
Opticien purchase
Extra fields for purchase - Opticien
Opticien Riziv
Fields for Riziv Opticien
Opticien Riziv Plus
Riziv Extended
Opticien Sale
Extra fields for sales - Opticien
Report by Sql
Sql select renders a report
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Personal & Shared Calendar